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BainUltra® believes in the health & wellness benefits of hydro-thermo massage. Pioneer of the Air Jet Bath, BainUltra® strives to always offer the best in therapeutic baths. Four types of therapies are offered that include: Geysair® which heats and humidifies the air, keeping the water temperature uniform; AromaCloud®, a built in essential oil diffuser; WarmTouchShell®, an independently controlled heated backrest and seat; and Chromatherapy®, LED lighting to enhance your health and well-being.
Our air jet baths artfully combine the gentleness of water, the force of air, and the comfort of heat to provide you with the extraordinary benefits of deep massage. With Thermomasseur you will have the best massage a bath can give®. Geysair® technology and a heated backrest is included w/ this selection.
BainUltra’s® innovative new category of therapeutic baths which complete an experience of the senses without air jets. ThermaSens® offers 3 therapies; AromaCloud®, WarmTouchShell® and Chromatherapy® that will envelope your senses and restore your inner harmony.
© Inua Design
©Essencia Design
Hydro-thermo massage®, an inverted V design, a raised
© Origami Design
© Amma Design
The exterior shape of the freestanding Origami provides
Essencia Design bath will sweep you off your feet. With
seat, a heated backrest, and chromatherapy are all key
its unique oval form, it’s almost unearthly...
features of the Inua collection.
The ergonomics of the Amma bath interior offers
height and a very stable base.
superior comfort and an enhanced Hydro-
thermomassage® experience.
© Citti Design
The Citti tub is ideal for making the most of a small space by turning it into a place to experience multiple therapeutic benefits.
©Evanescence Design
Evanescence’s inner shell reveals pure lines enabling
bathers to take the most comfortable position, alone or
for two.

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