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Bathroom Hardware
Bathroom hardware should look great and operate smoothly, but also must stand up to frequent use. Choose a style and  nish that complements your bath, but pay attention to function and durability, too.
In recent years, bathrooms have become a place of luxury, spa-like retreats in your home. And while installing your new vanity or bathtub may be outside the scope of planning and developing your new home, hardware can go a long way to help design and enhance your bathroom.
You must have a place to hang a bath towel, and you need a toilet tissue holder, but they’re often overlooked when considering small details. Adding style in small doses makes a big impact—for a small budget.
Mirrors, towel racks, and toilet tissue holders are found in nearly every household. They are easy to install—or upgrade. Heated towel bars, magni cation mirrors, and even decorative tissue holders are easy ways to add elegance to your space. Shower curtain rods and rings, specialty soap dishes, and even toilet tank levers can be matched to the décor of your room, contributing to the appearance and the value of your home.
Just as in the kitchen and other areas of the home, choosing hardware and accessories for your bathroom requires consideration and measurement. Be sure to bring dimensions, and even a color sample, with you when you visit the showroom. We’ll be able to help you select hardware that blends your bathroom style with the rest of your home.
Bathrooms often have wet surfaces
and high moisture levels in the air. A showroom expert can assist with selecting materials and  nishes that can withstand high humidity.
Replacing hardware is a great way to update existing cabinets, but be sure to consider the hole pattern of the previous pulls. You’ll need to choose hardware that follows the same mounting pattern, or that will cover the “footprint” of whatever is currently installed so that you are not left with excess holes to  ll or patina/fade lines around your new hardware.

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