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Interior Doors
Interior doors can add style and  air to your home decor. The color, the type, and the hardware you add, can change the appearance of any room, hallway, or space.
Most often, door knobs with a passage function are suf cient for most interior doors. This grants access from either side of the door, as locks are usually not needed for doors in hallways, closets, and other spaces.
There are other types of interior locks that are appropriate for certain functions:
Free interior entrance locksets can be locked with a key from the outside. Occupants can freely exit the room at anytime with- out a key. This can be useful for home of ces, private studies, or other rooms that you’d like to secure from houseguests.
Privacy locks secure with a push or turn button from inside of a room. They are perfect for rooms where privacy is needed, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. For security and safety, they typi- cally feature an emergency release mechanism on the outside.
A storeroom lock is always locked, unless opened with a key. When the door is closed, the lock automatically reverts to a locked position. For safety, the door will open freely to allow someone inside the room to exit. This type of lock can be appro- priate for pantries or storerooms that you need to keep private, or keep guests or children out of.
Don’t forget about closets! Updating closet doors—or even the hardware on closet doors— can improve the appearance and functionality of the space!

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