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Door Accessories
When you’re remodeling or restyling your home, door hardware may not be the  rst thing that comes to mind. But replacing the door, or simply updating your hardware or locks, can improve ef ciency, security, and aesthetic appeal.
Door hinges are essential to the structural integrity of your door, but can also add  air to your home. Browse our website to gather ideas and options, then visit our showroom to match structure and style.
Pin hinges are most common for residential doors, but many factors determine the best hinge type, size, and positioning for your door. Industry requirements, personal preferences, safety and security provisions, and design elements should be considered to make the right selection. Offset hinges can provide extra room for wheelchairs or other needs, spring-load- ed hinges can be con gured to hold the door open or closed, strap hinges can add style and strength—there’s a hinge for every need!
The type and spacing of the hinges contribute to the structural integrity of the door. Load-distribution, hinge spacing, weight, stress points, all must be considered before hinges are selected or installed. Usually, for maximum support, hinges should be placed as far apart as possible on the longest edge of the door. Though, sometimes, closer hinge spacing is used to stiffen the door or to ensure proper sealing at the gaskets, or against the frame.
Hinges are of vital importance to your doors, but also are often easy enough (and inexpensive enough) to change to match your evolving design prefer- ences. You can balance strength with aesthetics to achieve the support your need with the look you want.
Most hinges are easily customized to meet color speci cations. You can choose from a variety of colors and metal  nishes to perfectly accent the design of your home.
Repurposing vintage hardware can give you the look you want, but you need to be sure it meets current safety code. Finding a new hinge with an antique look may be a better option.
Hinges contribute to many home design trends. Barn doors, industrial sliding doors, pocket doors and Dutch doors all require speci c type of hinges. Looking to add these elements to your space? Just mention it to your showroom consultant!
Like a statement necklace or high heels can “make” an out t, the right hardware can dress up even the dullest door. Let’s work together to  nd hardware that matches your structural needs and the design of your home!
STAY SAFE: Installing peep holes, knockers, door bells, or even camera-enabled technology can enhance the security and appearance of your entry doors.

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