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Lighting, Ventilation, & Accessories
A good lighting plan will make your bathroom really shine. And the right hardware and accessories will add to the beauty and make your room more functional and enjoyable.
Bathrooms need an ef cient lighting plan that includes task light- ing in targeted areas, overall lighting to set a sophisticated mood. Here are the most important components of a good lighting plan:
1. Task Lighting should be included at the vanities. Where recessed ceiling  xtures cast shadows, vertical  xtures or sconces on either side of the mirror do not. 2. Ambient Lighting provides general illumination and substitutes for natural light when it’s not avail- able. 3. Accent Lighting can focus attention to artwork or other cherished objects. You can also use it to showcase custom tilework or a decorative sink.
Bath fans are important in today’s airtight homes to keep moisture levels down and prevent mold and mildew. Larger bathrooms – particularly ones with whirlpool baths or large soaking tubs – need more air ow than a small bath or powder room. Be sure to install
a fan with suf cient air  ow capacity for your space, and whenever possible, vent the exhaust to the exterior of your home rather than into an attic or between  oor joists.
MIRRORS AND MEDICINE CABINETS Choosing the right mirror or medicine cabinet starts with size and installation type. Measure the distance between the top of your faucets to the bottom of your lights to determine the appropriate height. Then measure the width of your vanity to determine the appropriate width. Your mirror or medicine cabinet should  t within those dimensions. Your second choice is installation style. Surface-mount cabinets hang on the wall while recessed cabinets install between the studs and require you to cut the wall and build a framework for the cabinet.
CABINET KNOBS AND PULLS Bathroom hardware should look great and operate smoothly, but also must stand up to frequent use. Choose a style and  nish that complements your bath, but pay attention to function and durability, too. Be sure to count every door and drawer, make note of their measurements and the loca- tion of any pre-drilled holes.
TOWEL BARS, HOOKS AND TOILET TISSUE HOLDERS are found in nearly every household. They are easy to update—or upgrade. Heated towel bars, magni cation mirrors, and even decorative tissue holders are easy ways to add elegance to your space. Shower curtain rods and rings, specialty soap dishes, and even toilet tank levers can be matched to the décor of your room, contributing to the appearance and the value of your home.

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