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Decorative Plumbing isn’t just for bathrooms. Choosing the right sinks, faucets, and accessories add utility and value to your kitchen, too.
When it comes to your kitchen faucet, think function  rst. The faucet in your kitchen sink is probably the most used faucet in your home. While they come in a wide array of styles and  nishes, it’s important to choose one that will do the job and withstand constant use. When it comes to functionality, single-lever faucets are easier to operate than their two-handle counterparts. As for quality, look for faucets made from brass with a durable  nish like chrome, nickel or bronze. Consult your showroom representative for pro tips about the various valve types..
Shape and  nish are matters of personal preference, but you’ll want to consider the effect each has on utility and durability. Double sinks became popular for washing dishes, however, most people use their dishwashers for that task. A single bowl doesn’t allow for performing two functions at once – think food prep on one side and dishwashing on the other, but it does make it possible to wash large pans and baking sheets that may not  t in a divided sink. Consider how you’ll use the sink when choosing the style.
STAINLESS SINKS are durable and lightweight – making them suitable for under-mount installations. Cast iron sinks with beautiful enameled  nishes are also very durable, but can be very heavy and not suitable for under-mounting. Granite and quartz composite sinks have become a popular material and come in a variety of colors. They’re easy to clean, heat resistant, and are the same color throughout. As with your faucet selection, consider how you’ll use your sink and choose accordingly.

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