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POT FILLERS are considered by many to be a luxury item adding perceived value to your kitchen design or remodel. But they also have great utility for cooks who may have physical limitations that make it dif cult to lift a large pot from the sink to the stovetop. Wall mounted pot  llers are more common than counter mounted versions, but they require a little more planning for installation. When considering a pot  ller, look for one that compliments the style of your kitchen and the other faucets and hardware you’ve selected.
PREP AND BAR SINKS may not be on the top of a remodeler’s list but ask anyone who has one and they’ll tell you these smaller sinks can get just as much use as their larger counterparts. Their small size make them a great choice for a second sink on your kitch- en’s island or to add convenience in your bar, family room or media room. Add a garbage disposal and accessories like cutting board covers and sink baskets for maximum utility and convenience.
SINK-TOP BEVERAGE DISPENSERS are a great conve- nience in your kitchen. The most typical dispensers provide hot water on demand from a small water heater mounted under the sink - a real time saver for making beverages, soups and sauces. Some dispensers feature a cold water option, too.
FILTRATION SYSTEMS on the sink-top dispenser eliminates the need for faucet mounted  lters. Dispensers come in a variety of sizes with various options for controlling temperature. Faucets are sold separately and can be chosen to match the style and  nish of the main faucet and other sink-top accessories.
SOAP AND LOTION DISPENSERS are another great sink-top convenience. Like beverage dispensers, soap and lotion dispensers are mounted to the countertop and are fed liquid soap or lotion from below but re lled from the top. They come in a variety of styles and  nishes to compliment the rest of your kitchen hardware.
GARBAGE DISPOSALS are a great kitchen convenience. Selecting the model that’s right for you depends on how much use
it will get. Disposals range from 1/3 horsepower models for light use up to 1 horsepower for larger households that do a lot of cooking. Newer models feature quieter motors and sound baf es that keep the noise level down. For added safety, convenience and a polished look, consider an Air Switch to control your new garbage disposal. Mounted on the counter top with your other sink-top accessories, the air switch eliminates the need for a toggle switch mounted on the back splash or below the sink.

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