Page 5 - Ultimate Kitchen & Bath Planning Guide
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Preparing for Your Visit
Facing a world of choices can be daunting but don’t worry, here are easy steps that will help you get organized.
Designing a bathroom is an exciting yet complex project. And walking into our showroom with hundreds of items on display from dozens of
manufacturers can be overwhelming. But not to worry. To prepare you for your visit with your showroom consultant, we’ve prepared a number of questions to help you determine what’s really most important to you. Sharing your thoughts and ideas will help us narrow the search and make the most of our time together.
1 How big is your space? A functional  oor plan is key to building and remodeling success. To determine the best layout take measurements of your space and indicate the placement of existing windows, doors, and  xtures (see page 16).
2 Who will use this bathroom? Will you and your spouse be using it at the same time during the morning rush? Is this your child’s bathroom? Are your children boys, girls, or both? Are they old enough to bathe on their own? Is this a shared space – one that family and guests will be using? Or is this a guest bath that will only get occasional use?
3 How will this bathroom be used?
Consider what activities will be done in the various part of the room. For example, will you require a place to sit and apply makeup? Will the room also house laundry facilities? What activities can be done in a shared space, and which require a private area?
4 Where will you put things?
What items need to be stored in the bathroom and where should they be located for easy access?

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