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Bathroom Lighting
The bathroom has evolved into various distinctive spaces in the home, ranging from ef cient and functional to a tranquil spa getaway or a guest bathroom that is as inviting as any foyer. Each of these spaces has different lighting needs. Some bathrooms must combine elements of all three designs — and with the right lighting you can have the space you want when you want it.
When lighting a bathroom, there are certain stan- dards that can bene t everyone. Often the bath- room lighting is the last thought in the project. Hours are poured over selecting tile and  nish, while cabinet and hardware details are given  rst priority. These are key decisions to make, and it is equally important that the lighting style you select accents the bath while providing the proper levels of light needed for the use of this room.
Every bathroom has a sink, and the lights in this part of the room are critical for make up appli- cation, shaving, and all other regular grooming tasks. Having the correct light source in the best position will eliminate shadows on your face that a ceiling  xture in the center of the room alone cannot.
Vertical lights on both sides of the mirror will pro- vide the most even illumination. This design detail is important and applies to all bathroom settings. Most often designs use wall-mounted light to do this, but there are other ways to obtain the same lighting quality. Instead of the typical wall-mounted light, envision pendants suspended from the ceiling on both sides of the mirror.
Full-width mirror? Pre-plan and have the mirror drilled so the lights can be mounted directly to the surface. Another option is to use a horizontal light placed over the mirror. Using multiple lights in this situation lets the light cast down evenly over the top and sides of the face.
Consider the color of the glass being used to dif- fuse the light in the bathroom. Frosted white glass will give an even distribution of light. Avoid clear glass at the sink area. While the level of light is bright enough to use, it will also be glaring.
Hinkley Lighting
Symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Evenly spacing  xtures, especially over a double vanity, can be key to creating a beautiful design.
Recessed lights over a bathroom sink can cause un attering shadows on the face.
According to the American Lighting Association, to achieve the best results, mount  xtures at least 28 inches apart and 60 inches off the  oor.

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