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Outdoor Lighting
SECURITY LIGHTING: While the previous types of outdoor lighting provide ambiance and some security, stand-alone security lighting is an additional and often necessary element for your home. Security lighting is purely functional. This lighting is needed when you want your exterior areas lit brightly to be able to see any activity going on
in the yard and to eliminate shadows. This is the opposite effect we create with landscape lighting.
Outdoor lights are made from various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Each of these materials can have many types of  nishes put on them to increase the life of the  xture.
Aluminum is the most economical of the metals and is not recommended in areas near the ocean. If the aluminum is powder-coated, the life of the  xture will be extended.
Stainless Steel looks great and is very durable. Its attractiveness and longevity can be extended with regular cleaning.
Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc and is considered the hallmark in light  xture mate- rial. Brass  xtures will last for many years, and will patina or turn darker over time as they are exposed to the outside elements. Brass  xtures are wonder- ful in oceanside homes. Brass is more expensive than some of the other materials, and is the most long-lasting.
Having your security lights on motion sensors is a very simple and important part of your  rst line of home defense.
Kichler Lighting

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