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Portables: Table & Floor Lamps
Table and  oor lamps fall into the portable category, but rarely do they move around once placed in the home. These lamps provide  ll lighting and also a great deal of task lighting in the room. Portables can also provide a complementary design element to your home.
TABLE LAMPS: used on end tables and night stands to offer  ll and task lighting.
DESK LAMPS: needed for tasks to reduce eye- strain.
BUFFET OR CANDLESTICK LAMPS: used on buffets, dressers, and other places when a light is needed and space is tight.
FLOOR LAMPS: provide  ll lighting and also up lighting to illuminate the room. These lamps are great when there is no center light in the space. Di- rected  oor lamps can also provide light for speci c tasks such as reading.
When combining table and  oor lamps, get the correct scale; lamps are the functional art in the room. Consider the size of the living space and the furniture in the room. Table lamps do not always have to match. To create dramatic  air, incorporate two different styles of lamp in the same space.
Table and  oor lamps are multi-purpose accessories. They provide  ll lighting when setting the mood of the room or, with the  ick of the switch, they become task lights for reading. To
get the best light for reading, doing your favorite crossword puzzle or crafting, position the light so that it comes from behind the shoulder.
Not all lamps are created equally. When considering your table and  oor lamp purchase, there are a wide range of styles, materials,  nishes and prices from which to choose.
Paci c Coast Lighting
A couple of factors to consider: A lamp made
of resin will typically be less expensive than a lamp made from a natural material like brass
or crystal. Natural materials tend to hold up longer. If you plan on having the lamp for a long time, choose natural materials. Weight is also an important consideration. A heavier lamp is not prone to tipping when bumped into.

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