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Kitchen Lighting
Start selecting cabinetry,  xtures, and materials early so you’ll have time to research all the options and  gure out what’s right for you.
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The right feature piece will make a statement in your kitchen.
TIP: Recessed lighting is about the effect of the light, not just the lights’ position in the room.
According to the American Lighting Association, recessed lighting over the sink or range can ensure even illumination in the most functional areas of your kitchen.
Recessed lighting provides a critical element and is the most multipurpose lighting source for your home. When using recessed lights in the kitchen, take time to plan the layout; it is time well spent. The layout must consider cabinet position, task areas, as well as the general lighting in your space. There are two main components to recessed lighting; the housing and the trim. Housings can accommodate a wide variety of trims, and the trims affect how the light is seen. Trims have a variety of accessories that aid in controlling the light such as baf es and lenses. Since there are recessed cans for new construction and remodeling, it is important to know which you need.
When your plans don’t allow the use of recessed lighting and you want to have a well-lit space, track lighting can be an attractive and functional choice. Track and monorail lighting can give you the task lighting you need and also add an aspect to the space that is pleasing to the eye. Directional lights and pendants can be hung anywhere on a track system and if you use a two-circuit track you can set various scenes for your room. With attractive glass shades, several colors and different metal  nishes from which to choose, track lighting can have an impact on your design as well.

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